We are now able to offer umbrellas of recycled plastic from the ocean.

Sustainability and umbrellas

We are a creative design agency located in the city of San Francisco, California.

Our philosophy and practice

We are focusing in particular on three main areas within sustainability:


The product's lifetime

Every year more than 1 billion of umbrellas are produced worldwide. One of the reasons for this is that a great part of the umbrellas is of so bad quality that they are breaking after a short period of time. We are only selling durable umbrellas of the highest quality. That is why we only offer four different umbrella models. They are chosen because they are living up to our standards. For the wooden as well as the metal and plastic models we can offer a so called stormproof construction for an additional fee. This is standard for our golf umbrella.


Sustainable materials

Since the start of 2019 we have been able to offer our customers umbrellas that are produced by recycled plastic. The more orders for umbrellas of rPET polyester, the more pressure can we put on our suppliers, so it will be a standard in the future for large and small quantities.

What do umbrellas of recycled plastic cost?

That depends on the size of the order. As a rule can we offer umbrellas of recycled plastic for orders above 2.000 umbrellas. Get in contact today to get a specific offer.


Sharing economy

City umbrellas
Since 2014 we havde made city umbrella solutions in more than 20 cities. With these solutions w have made umbrellas to something that we share with each other.

In 2018 did we launched Dripdrop, which is a smarter way of sharing umbrellas in cities and separate compartments such as hotels or office buildings.